Using the Freesat TV service requires a satellite dish.

Our latest 4K TV Boxes are compatible with the majority of UK satellite dishes, so if you’re switching from another satellite TV provider and/or already have a working dish and cabling installed, connecting your new Freesat TV Box is as simple as plugging in your existing dish cables and following the on-screen instructions.

If you’re switching from SkyQ, your dish will almost certainly have a wideband LNB – that’s the part that sticks out from the centre of the dish. If you have a Recordable 4K TV Box, this type of dish allows you to record up to four shows at once. If you’re upgrading from Sky+, your dish will most likely have a standard LNB and you should be able to record up to two shows at once. If you do not own a Recordable 4K TV Box, it makes no difference what type of LNB your dish has; your box should work with any UK satellite dish. More information about satellite dishes, recordings, and LNBs can be found in your user manual, which can be found in our product manual section.

If your dish is still under warranty (typically 12 months) we advise you check that using it to receive Freesat will not affect your warranty terms.


Before you can use the service, you must have one installed. For more information and advice on satellite installations, contact your retailer, or search for local installers online using sites such as, which is powered by CAI – the UK’s representative trade association for businesses providing home entertainment services.

Freesat is not responsible for any installation services provided by third parties, so please refer to your installer if you have any queries or issues with your installation.